Saturday, September 20, 2008

Latest Baby Blanket

Ahhh, babies. Everyone is having babies. Not me. I'm having wine and sushi and very much happy.
HOWEVER, I do love me some crocheting. I started this blanket a while ago, and its sort of just been a slow process. However, the baby came a few months early (she's great!! and awesome!! and so wee!!) so I had to get on it.
I used a pattern I got from the Lion Brand website (see it here) but I tweaked it a little bit (added wider bands for the solid colors, thin band of the multi). It really was super easy, and turned into some great lunches outside, crocheting and listening to npr podcasts.


MJB said...

So much fuzzy goodness. I'm jealous of babies.

Lisa Bracig :) said...

it's sooo cute!!! you totally have to make me one when i have a 5-7 for now you can make me the eleven layer bars :)